North Central College - Naperville, IL

Grant Swanson: at Oxford University

Grant Swanson had his heart set on studying at Oxford University in Oxford, England, and North Central helped make it happen. An English major with a top grade-point average, Grant has been active on campus in music, theatre and campus ministry and wanted to explore his passion for learning at one of the world’s top universities before he applies for law school.

At Oxford, Grant has been studying hard while also experiencing the culture of a renowned university town. Grant writes from England: “A university is a place to learn about yourself as well as the world in which you live. If all you learn is what you grasp from a book, your experience might not challenge you beyond the walls of the library. So grab a friend and head to the local pub. Have philosophical discussions about Webster’s definition of love. Strategize for marathon games of Risk. Seize the experience, from the classroom to the tutor’s office. You’ll be glad you did.”