North Central College - Naperville, IL

Flexibility + opportunity = satisfaction

I didn’t want to study economics just anywhere. As I visited different schools, it was apparent that North Central College’s three-term schedule was flexible and a perfect fit for me. I’m able to take fewer classes at once, allowing me to significantly grow my professional experience while maintaining my financial independence. The hope for opportunity was answered when I looked at the programs here. I was able to form my own unique experience by combining all my passions into a college education and a four-year personal growth experience. North Central also offered numerous service trip opportunities through the Office of Ministry and Service.

But one of the best things North Central has to offer is its people. The students and faculty sincerely care about each other’s successes. Professors conduct their own research, which shows their passion for their field. Many have spent significant time outside of academia which makes them viable resources for career advice and professional development. The Career Development staff provides valuable help in developing a standout résumé and by teaching you what employers are looking for. Because of this I was able to land two significant internships at OfficeMax headquarters and Northern Trust which I’m confident will help  launch my business career.

North Central was a perfect fit for what I wanted out of my college experience. I will never regret coming here.

Curt Bowers