North Central College - Naperville, IL

Eliseo Martinez: Golden Apple Scholar

Eliseo Martinez
Golden Apple Scholar

Eliseo Martinez is well prepared to make an impression on the children he hopes to be teaching soon. His goal is to teach choral music in a high-needs school, and he completed his student-teaching assignment in Aurora, IL, with bilingual children. “You teach differently in bilingual situations, using more movement and linguistics,” he says.

While at North Central, Eliseo played clarinet in Concert Winds and sang in Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Voices of Praise gospel choir and in chapel services. He took lessons for clarinet, piano and voice throughout his four years. “You have to plan your time carefully,” says Eliseo, who was the Outstanding Major in Music Education for 2009.

He admits that he didn’t have a rigorous music preparation before attending North Central, but that didn’t matter to the faculty who nurtured his progress and professional development. “The music department looks at your potential—they don’t expect you to be a virtuoso when you arrive,” he says. “But I knew in high school that I wanted to teach. I want to pass on my love of music and build confidence in the children I will teach some day.”