North Central College - Naperville, IL

Did someone order room service?

Did someone order room service?

Rock star parking. Football player valets. A cruise ship itinerary of activities.

When the Class of 2013 arrived for Move-In Day, they were treated like royalty. A well-orchestrated cadre of volunteers—including the varsity football team, local North Central College alumni and plenty of staff members—were on hand to unload cars and tote boxes, crates, futons, microwaves and refrigerators up as many stairs as necessary. Packing jobs that took two weeks to organize were dispersed to dorm rooms within minutes.

“This was unbelievably easy,” agreed the parents who expected a more labor-intensive process. “All I had to do was unpack,” added new arrival Gabriela Valenzuela of Aurora.

The day’s planned activities included Opening Convocation with a procession by faculty in academic regalia, a reception for parents at the home of President Harold Wilde (pictured below, center, moving students), a farewell picnic with families, small group sessions to meet new friends and then a torch light parade to the football stadium for a welcome-to-North-Central pep rally.

Class of 2013 member Ginny Kain of Plainfield joined her new friends for the parade. “Wow, this has been an amazing day—really fun.” And just the first of many, many more to come.

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