North Central College - Naperville, IL

Veteran students share experiences during workshop

Jerry Gems, Michael Dooley, James Davidson, Chris LeClair
North Central College holds workshop featuring guest speakers and panel of veteran students to learn best practices to support its veterans on campus.

North Central College held a Veteran Students Workshop for faculty and staff on Dec. 2 to learn about the experiences of students with a military background and how the campus community can best support their adjustment back to academic and civilian life. The workshop featured guest speakers and a panel of North Central faculty and students who are veterans.  

World War II Veterans Transformed the World, Then the Campus

As North Central College prepares to celebrate its Sesquicentennial on November 11, 2011—Veteran’s Day—it honors the many military veterans who served their country and returned to earn degrees. Their presence on campus during the post-World War II era changed the physical campus, the social environment, athletics and the makeup of the faculty. Enrollment grew from 410 in 1944 to 920 in 1946 with the return of veterans like Charles Sehe ’50 of Mankato, MN, who had witnessed four years of intensive combat.

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