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Students in The Physics of Music learn to apply science principles to their music

Students in The Physics of Music course are challenged to create and tune a flute while applying science principles to music.

A white PVC pipe, a newly drilled hole and a cork—somehow these simple materials and some careful blowing should produce a perfectly tuned musical note, G4. But even the most talented musicians were challenged by this exercise as they carefully crafted simple flutes in a course called The Physics of Music. They were learning and applying physics principles behind sound and pitch.

“I play violin and this is a lot harder,” says Joy Pelikan ’18, who plays in the College’s String Ensemble. “But it’s been really interesting to learn more about sound.”

Alumna discovers her radio fellowship has a North Central connection

Laurel White ’10
Journalism major Laurel White ’10 is named Lee Ester News Fellow at Wisconsin Public Radio, a position named for a College alumnus.

Laurel White ’10 always thought of herself as a “print” person, so she spent her years at North Central climbing the editorial ladder of the student-run newspaper, The Chronicle, and squeezing in a term as a DJ at WONC-FM 89.1.

Miguel Purgimon Colell ’16 uncovers the hidden costs of the World Cup

World Cup
Miguel Purgimon Colell ’16 traveled to Brazil, where he explored public opinion regarding the economic impact of the World Cup.

Every kick, header and “GOOOAAAALLLLLLLL” of soccer’s 2014 World Cup came with a hefty price tag—but was it worth it? That question prompted Miguel Purgimon Colell ’16 to fly to Brazil and speak with those footing the bill for the international event.

Psychology professor seeks to reduce the harmful effects of bullying

Michaela Vilim ’16 and Patricia Schacht, associate professor of psychology
Psychology research underway at North Central College is investigating how parents and youngsters can cope with bullying behaviors.

When Patricia Schacht, associate professor of psychology, offered a senior-level seminar at North Central College called “Bullying,” all 20 spots quickly filled. So she opened a second section, which filled just as fast. An expert in child development and parental behaviors, Schacht is finding an insatiable demand for information on the topic of bullying and its prevention, her topic of scholarly research.

President's Message

One of my theories about great colleges is that they must include a few “magnificent crazy zealots.” Too many MCZs, and the institution could implode. Too few, and the school has a tendency to settle for good instead of great. The MCZs are the professors and coaches who refuse to accept constraints … whether they be resources, attitudes, “turf” or time … in their pursuit of excellence.

President Wilde pens news magazine columns

The North Central NOW  magazine is published and mailed quarterly to 26,000 alumni, parents and friends of the College. President Harold R. Wilde writes a regular column on topics impacting students, faculty and staff on North Cental's campus. At left, click on his columns from the last year and re-visit for quarterly updates. 

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