North Central College - Naperville, IL

Message from the President

This Annual Report reviews the excellent results achieved by North Central College during fiscal year 2012-2013. In addition to a 42nd consecutive balanced budget, the recruiting of a stellar class of first-year and transfer students and growing numbers of engaged scholars and Presidents Club donors, the year was highlighted by a transition in presidential leadership. During 2012-2013, I was honored to assume the presidency of North Central College from Dr. Harold R. Wilde, who officially retired on December 31, 2012.

President's message

It’s been a spectacular fall at North Central College! Homecoming was a special high point because I saw so many of you on campus. What a great opportunity to gather the College family together again and to remind ourselves how important our personal connections really are. I hope you will be able to attend next year’s celebration (October 16-19 is already marked on my calendar).

President's message

While finishing my doctoral degree, I had a job offer to lead an R&D project for a small technology company. After spending time with the entrepreneurial founder—who was also a physicist—I realized I was more interested in the entrepreneur’s job than in the research. So to get more business experience, I accepted another offer in hand with a leading management consulting firm.

President's message

What an honor to write this column as the 10th president of North Central College!

My family and I have had a great time getting to know the College over the last few months. I’ve learned very quickly that this is one busy campus—even in the middle of a Chicago winter. From the alumni track & field meet, basketball games and the International Festival, to the Martin Luther King prayer breakfast and Chicago Sinfonietta performance, we’ve enjoyed experiencing the diverse and enriching opportunities this campus offers.

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