North Central College - Naperville, IL

Biochemistry, computer science student earns Goldwater honorable mention

Grace Muganda '12, majoring in biochemistry and computer science, has earned an honorable mention in the Barry M. Goldwater National Scholarship program.

April 7, 2011—Grace Muganda says she has spent a lot of time in North Central College’s Science Center over the past four years, conducting independent research, working as a lab assistant and serving as a preceptor for various classes.

All those hours of hard work are paying dividends for Muganda, a senior double-majoring in biochemistry and computer science. She’s earned an honorable mention in the prestigious  Barry M. Goldwater National Scholarship program.

Mathematics major Jack Ryan ’16, 2015 Lincoln Laureate, will speak on national panel

Jack Ryan ’16
Jack Ryan ’16, North Central College’s 2015 Lincoln Laureate, was selected to speak on a national panel about integrated learning

Jack Ryan ’16, a College Scholar and Goldwater Honorable Mention, has been selected for two additional honors that recognize his multi-disciplinary academic work and service to the North Central College campus. In November, he was honored as the College’s 2015 Lincoln Laureate, which recognizes outstanding college seniors at four-year degree granting institutions in Illinois.

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