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Alina Perez

Alina, a biochemistry major, always knew she wanted to be a doctor. It didn’t take long to discover the many ways North Central College could help her achieve that goal.

“I love North Central because of the opportunities it provides,” Alina says. “Through the College Scholars program I studied abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and was able to take a cadaver anatomy course designed for American students interested in healthcare. I became involved in the biology honors society TriBeta, the Senior Class Gift Committee, tutoring at EDGE, the orientation staff and even cheerleading. These experiences got me into medical school and helped mold my character.”

Alina will attend the University of Illinois College of Medicine after she graduates from North Central. She’s grateful the College’s faculty has always been willing to help her along her journey.

“I love that my professors know me by name. I'm not just a number here. I sit on committees with faculty, do research with faculty and have faculty members overseeing my honors thesis. They know me well. It makes for a great letter of recommendation when your professors are personally interested in your success.”

New North Central College students discover possibilities during Orientation

Hundreds of new students learned more about academic and extracurricular opportunities available to them at North Central College during Orientation.

During summer 2013 Orientation sessions, hundreds of new students learned more about academic and extracurricular opportunities available to them at North Central College.

From study abroad courses to athletic teams to clubs and organizations, Orientation serves to inform students about options so they can begin to plan their years of study and make the most of their experience at North Central College.

Summer research students to discuss scholarly work during Aug. 1 poster session

North Central College students will discuss their scholarly work Aug. 1 during the poster session of the 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium (SURC).

North Central College students will discuss their scholarly work Aug. 1 during the poster session of the 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium (SURC).

The SURC poster session takes place from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 1 in Smith Hall of Old Main, 30 N. Brainard St. (The session previously was scheduled to take place in Heininger Auditorium at the Larrance Academic Center). Most of the 40 students who participated in the 2013 SURC will be present.

Lauren Gamperl

Getting into veterinary school is no small feat. Lauren is grateful she’s had so many opportunities to bolster her credentials at North Central College.

The biology major has performed research with faculty members, been an active member of the student-run Pre-Health Organization and studied a wide range of sciences to prepare for the next stage of her academic journey.

Her professors have been there to assist her every step of the way.

“They really make you feel comfortable about approaching them with questions, and they’re really passionate about the subject matter of their courses—it shows in their lectures. The labs in the sciences particularly immerse you in the subject matter, preparing you for real-life applications in grad school and careers,” she says.

Lauren chose North Central because of its strong science reputation. The College has lived up to her high expectations.

“It’s provided the solid foundation I’ll need in graduate school,” she says.

Courtney Maxwell

Courtney enjoys North Central’s liberal arts curriculum so much, she’s looking for graduate schools that offer the same sort of experience.

“I enjoy integrating multiple fields,” she says. “I recently found out there are pharmacy schools that offer both a Pharm.D. and an M.B.A. Focusing not just on the science side of pharmacy, but on the business side as well, really excites me.”

At North Central, Courtney is majoring in biochemistry to prepare for pharmacy school.

“Science students are not only prepared in the classroom, they also have research and job opportunities within their fields of study,” she says. “The program isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile should come easily. I truly believe hard work and determination are the keys to success.”

There are several perks to studying at North Central, including the College’s dedicated pre-health advisor. “It’s great having one-on-one conversations with her about my pre-pharmacy plans,” Courtney says. “Having someone who can tell you about volunteer opportunities, job shadowing, entrance exams and application processes means a lot. I feel comfortable asking any time I have a question.”

Sara Ruzicka

Sara spent a year at another college before making the switch to North Central. It’s a decision she’ll never regret.

“When I came here, it was a completely different experience and it’s made me a better person. I was challenged more than I’d ever been before, but my professors helped me through it,” she says. “North Central is an amazing school to attend—especially if you’re interested in going into science.”

Sara plans to enroll in the Rush University College of Nursing’s Generalist Entry Master’s (GEM) program to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner after she graduates from North Central. An affiliation agreement between the two institutions guarantees qualified North Central graduates admission into the GEM program.

Sara learned about that opportunity after consulting with North Central’s dedicated pre-health advisor.

“I feel like I’m prepared for the program because I’ve learned so much here. The faculty has given me the information and lab skills I need to do well in nursing. They’ve prepared me to keep trying and never give up, no matter how hard I think the material is.”

Mackenzie Goralski

Mackenzie has a hard time relating to her friends from other schools when they mention hard-to-reach professors. That’s never been a problem for her at North Central College.

“My friends don’t know any of their professors and I often think about how much that must hinder their learning,” Mackenzie says. “I love knowing that my professors are available when I need extra help and that I’m not just a face. I’m a person they recognize and know by name.”

Mackenzie, a biology major, didn’t know exactly which field she wanted to go into when she arrived on campus. Since deciding to become a physician assistant, she says North Central’s faculty has “helped immensely with making sure I see my dreams through.”

“The pre-health advisor helped me plan classes and extracurricular activities so I can apply to a vast number of schools,” she says. “Becoming a physician assistant is all about helping people, and I learn so much about that from the people and professors around me at North Central.”

Nhung Son

Nhung’s decision to pursue a career in physical therapy was an easy one.

“I like making little differences that bring smiles,” says Nhung. “Having someone say ‘thank you’ to me is more than a blessing.”

At North Central College, she’s not alone in that regard. “Everyone here is willing to help without any hesitation,” says Nhung, who grew up in Vietnam. “I transferred from a community college where I was not able to have one-on-one time with my professors. Here, however, the professors are absolutely dedicated to helping with any questions I have—even if they’re not related to class.”

Nhung has taken full advantage of the opportunities North Central offers for students pursuing a career in physical therapy. She’s an active member of the College’s student-run Pre-Health Organization and regularly consults with the dedicated pre-health advisor.

“She makes sure I know everything about my field of interest and what I should be doing to get ready for it,” she says.

Morgan Wichman

From the moment she put on her first pair of glasses, Morgan wanted to be an optometrist. She had a similar feeling the first time she visited the campus of North Central College.

“I knew this was the school I would graduate from,” Morgan says. “The close-knit community made me feel at home, which was nice because I come from a smaller town.”

Morgan, a biology major and psychology minor, is very active both on and off campus. During her junior year, she recruited three classmates to accompany her on a medical mission trip to Honduras. She learned about the opportunity through her hometown optometrist, who hired Morgan as an intern and part-time employee.

“On the trip, I was able to use an autorefractor on patients before they saw the optometrist.  All of my professors were very supportive and flexible about tests and labs [I missed while I was away].”

Morgan says her classes at North Central are “definitely a challenge,” but she’s grateful because “if they weren’t, I wouldn’t be ready for optometry school.” She’s an active member of the Pre-Health Organization and Circle K, which gives her additional volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

“The experiences you have in and out of the classroom will be lifetime memories,” she says.

Student researchers test out newly renovated science research lab

A new research lab in North Central College’s Kroehler Science Center is designed to encourage greater collaboration among students and faculty.

A Kroehler Science Center lab that has been home to dozens of student and faculty research projects  now boasts a renovated interior that’s more conducive to collaboration and long-term projects. The lab was completely gutted to redesign the space and accommodate new flooring, updated furnishings and improved storage and shelving.

“It’s much easier to collaborate with people from different labs and overall, everything is much more organized,” says Scott Blaszak ’14, a biology major. “The redesigned space is better situated for conducting research.”

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