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Nurturing the Inquisitive Mind

Kate Smith ’05 Pereda loves to teach science to her fifth-grade pupils in Addison, IL. During the one semester each year that she can even fit the topic into the schedule, she’s armed and ready to engage her students—several of whom want to pursue science in their futures—with valuable lessons and methods learned at North Central College.

Mary McMahon presents workshop for teachers

Mary McMahon presents workshop for teachers

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Mary McMahon, associate professor of mathematics and education certification officer, presented a workshop titled “Introduction to Lesson Study” to teachers from Oak Park Elementary School in East Aurora on Sept. 26 for the ACI/Science Math Learning Collaborative. During the discussion, teachers focused on student learning, reflected on why they teach as they do, and began building a stronger collegial network while they collaboratively planned a lesson on elapsed time.

Teaching Those Who Teach

“It’s always about the kids and it’s always been about the kids.”

That philosophy is the inspiration for Nick Guido ’09, who spent fall term student-teaching social science and history at Oswego High School. “That was the philosophy of my speech teacher in high school and it inspires me now,” says Guido. “I want to make every effort to make my passion for history come alive for my students, so they can experience what I feel. Since high school I could picture myself in front of my students.”

Inspired Partnership, Inspiring Stories

Eric Knox was a fourth grader growing up on Chicago’s West Side in the late 1980s the day some North Central College students showed up at his school. The students were there to tutor pupils at James Weldon Johnson Elementary School in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

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