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Michael Matuszak

"The actuarial science major at North Central is great," says Michael. "It combines math and economics, so you can diversify and study a lot of different subjects." He’s also pleased that it helps prepare him for the challenges of the professional world: “We have classes specifically geared toward the probability and financial math exams that we need to pass before we can work in actuarial science."

So what does the future hold? "Maybe a job in actuarial science, or finance, or economics," he says. "Or maybe graduate school. We’ll just have to see. There are lots of possibilities. That’s a big plus of this major."

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Students present their summer research to the campus

Students present their summer research to the campus

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For the past six weeks, 37 students and 15 faculty have participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Colloquium (SURC) conducting research that spans many majors and topics. Students presented their research to the campus community July 21 in a poster format in Kroehler Science Center. Nancy Peterson, professor of chemistry, noted research can be lonely and slow-going at times, so students and faculty involved in SURC meet weekly to collaborate and discuss their work.

A Legacy of Science-Mildred Rebstock

From the science labs of Goldspohn Hall in the early 1940s came a scientist who was featured in Time magazine and honored in Washington D.C. Dr. Mildred Rebstock was given much of the credit for finding a synthetic form of chloromycetin. At the time, antibiotics had to be grown slowly from molds and the rarity of chloromycetin (discovered in 1947) limited its widespread use in combating diseases like typhoid fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. That changed with Rebstock’s discovery in 1949.

Commencement 2009

“To ‘Be a Builder’ also means this: don’t ever be satisfied. Look at the world and see how you can improve it — in other words, ‘Be A Critic.’”
-Blair Kamin, Commencement Speaker

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