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Senior accounting majors sit for Ethics part of CPA Exam

For the third year, graduating accounting seniors take Ethics portion of CPA Exam and hear guest speaker discuss how to prepare for rest of exam.

On April 27, some 23 accounting graduating seniors took the Ethics portion of the five-part Uniform CPA Examination on campus. Typically, students don’t have an opportunity to take part of the CPA exam to become licensed as U.S. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) before graduation. However, Assistant Professor of Accounting Sarah Lureau arranged the Ethics exam through her professional association with the Illinois CPA Society. Because North Central and the Illinois CPA Society co-sponsored the test, students received a discounted rate.

David Gray selected to write for C.P.A. exam

David Gray, assistant professor of accounting, was chosen to write test items for the Business and Economics Concepts section of the Uniform C.P.A. Examination.

David Gray, assistant professor of accounting, was selected to write test items for the Uniform C.P.A. Examination. In this role, he participated in training sessions and developed a series of questions for the Business and Economics Concepts section of the examination. Gray was recently notified that 95 percent of the questions he submitted have been accepted for use on future examinations. The overall acceptance rate for authors submitting test items is approximately 65 percent.

Record number of students to present at national research conference

A record 38 students from various academic areas will represent North Central at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research this spring.


Contact: Nancy Dunker, associate director of public relations, 630-637-5306

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (Jan. 31, 2011)—For the second year, a record number of North Central College students have been chosen to participate in the nation’s leading conference on undergraduate research.

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