North Central College - Naperville, IL

Annie Godzicki

Editor, Viewfinder

With a background in Web design and development, Annie knew that she would enjoy Viewfinder. What she didn’t expect was what else it would do for her. “My leadership and organizational skills have improved beyond belief,” she says.

“Being editor of Viewfinder has made me much more comfortable when leading and helping others, which ultimately helps me be a better mentor.” Annie fosters fellow students’ creative growth for graphic design, photo and video editing, animation, reviews, interviews, Web design and development and more. Her experience have not only improved her own skills, but the skills of other students and resulted in better content for the Viewfinder.

Mike Holler

Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Kindling

Mike immersed himself in The Kindling in his first year and has missed only two meetings in three years.

“Even as an entry-level staff member, you’re part of the whole process," Mike says. "You write your articles, workshop it, take accompanying photographs, lay them out on the computer and then, finally, get to distribute the print versions."

Now a co-editor-in-chief, he oversees the operation, working diligently to keep variety in the humor. “We’ve got a little bit of everything and I love that,” Mike says.

Mike also knows what he’s doing applies to his future. “Sharing ideas and working together to get a collaborative work out by a deadline parallels almost every office job,” Mike says. “It’s impressive to be able to hand a publication to an employer and say, ‘We did this.’”

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