North Central College - Naperville, IL

Alumni Board Scholarship

The Alumni Board of Directors Student Involvement Scholarship provides financial assistance to a student who exhibits leadership abilities through involvement with the campus community, e.g., membership in various campus clubs and organizations. In addition to leadership abilities, applicants are asked to write a 1-2 page essay emphasizing the importance of involvement with alumni organizations and how his or her personal experiences will benefit the Alumni Board.

The 2016-2017 Alumni Board Scholarship recipient is Connor McGury '18. Read Connor's essay below:

 Having grown up in Naperville my whole life, I never thought that someday I would call North Central College home. Graduating from high school less than a mile away, and living just twenty minutes down the road, I often get asked why I chose to stay close and attend North Central College. Sure, I could have gone with the majority of my graduating class to a large school. I could have sat in a 150 plus person lecture hall of strangers, with a professor that knew me as an ID number. But I chose North Central College because I wanted to be part of something larger; a community that treats me with respect and highlights my strengths while challenging my weaknesses. I chose North Central College because I enjoy walking to class every day and seeing professors, both current and past, that know me by my first name. This is a school that truly cares about students and their success in life by giving them the tools they need to turn themselves into well-rounded community contributors, the Alumni Board being a perfect example of North Central’s successes. While I may only live a few minutes down the road, North Central College is home.

Staying busy is an important part of college. I am active both on and off campus, in a variety of forms. On campus I serve as the president of the Chinese Club, and the vice president of the Entrepreneurship and International Business Organization (EIBO). Being offered a leadership position in my first year of college was an incredible honor, and I’m glad to have continued into my sophomore year. Whether it be leading meetings or planning campus wide events, I enjoy being able to serve the North Central community while gaining experience and learning more about myself as a leader. Because I believe the cost of my education is a responsibility of mine, I also work during the week for North Central’s Human Resources Department. I have learned so much in my time there, and have been welcomed with open arms into the tight knit community that the employees have built in their office.

Off campus, I volunteer weekly at Xilin Asian Community Center, an adult day care facility for Chinese seniors in the suburbs of Chicago. Being able to help Chinese seniors practice their English, while refining my Mandarin is a great opportunity that has helped me develop a better understanding for the language and Chinese culture. I also act as a student member on the Downtown Advisory Commission through the city of Naperville under the leadership of chairman, Steve Rubin. Being so close to downtown Naperville I enjoy participating in discussions that effect North Central and our students, while offering a new perspective for the other members. 

North Central has given me the resources I need to be an active member in my community, while still maintaining focus on my studies. I believe what sets me apart from my peers is my determination and drive. Whether it be learning Chinese, or running my first Chicago Marathon, I refuse to accept the easiest option as the right option. I believe I can bring a positive attitude and student perspective to the Alumni Board, aiding in my goal of continuing North Central’s values when I graduate.

Being able to be a member of a group that exhibits everyday what North Central stands for, is an incredible opportunity. The Alumni Board is a group of individuals that knows from first-hand experience that no matter who you are or where you’re from, North Central College will be there to support you and help you call this campus home.