North Central College - Naperville, IL

2014 Class Gift Committee

Dearest Members of the Class of 2014,

The Class Gift is our opportunity to come together as a class to support fellow and future Cardinals. Alumni, parents and friends support North Central, and now it’s our turn to help. The generosity of the North Central community provides support for almost every academic program, scholarship, athletic team, student organization, technology and social event that we experience each and every day on campus. Please consider making a donation of any size to help our campus legacy and make history by reaching our goal of 65% participation. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for you continued commitment and support for the school we love!

Jose Martinez ’14
& Mike Prosia ’14
Class of 2014 Gift Committee Co-Chairs 

Taylor Bastone ’14

Major: Marketing & IMS-Graphic Arts; Minor: Studio Art

  • The Legacy Program
  • Dance Team Captain
  • Cardinal Dance Company Publicity Chair
  • Student Involvement Worker
  • The Union Co-President
  • Poster Maker

I love North Central! After being at school here I have realized all of the opportunities and experiences I have had and know that none of them would have been possible without donations. I am so thankful for these opportunities and the beautiful campus I got to enjoy.

Kris Bridgeman ’14

Major: Biology

  • Third year Resident Assistant
  • Worked with Camps & Conferences
  • Student member of Pre-Health Organization
  • Biology Lab Assistant
  • Statistics Preceptor

North Central has provided me a number of opportunities that have helped me grow as an individual. I believe in giving back in hopes of helping future students just as past gifts of alumni have benefitted me.

Joe Czaja ’14

Major: Sociology; Minor: Leadership, Social Change & Public Advocacy

  • Vice President of Cardinal Marketing & Promotions
  • Student Ambassador for the Admission Office
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society Member

I'm giving back because I'll be a proud North Central College graduate and I want students in the future to have the same - if not better - experiences I had.

Jamie Legner ’14

Major: Athletic Training; Minor: Psychology

  • Athletic Training Program
  • Women's Lacrosse Team
  • Athletic Honor Society
  • Student worker for Sports Information
  • Student tutor

I'm giving back because North Central has given me the best four years of my life and I want to help give that opportunity to others.

Jose Martinez ’14

Major: Organizational Communications; Minor: Wellness

  • Co-Chair of The Legacy Program
  • Co-Chair of the Class Gift Committee
  • Teasurer of the Residence Hall Association

As a first generation college student, I have come to appreciate and acknowledge North Central College for all the resources they've provided. The institution deserves to be recognized for its academics and as an ungergrad I am fortunate enough to take part of such amazing opportunities. I have made some great memories on campus and would never forget them as I continue to donate in the years to come.

John McWard ’14

Major: Political Science & Business Management

  • Blue Key Honor Society
  • Men's Soccer Team
  • President of Pre-Law
  • Student Athlete Mentor
  • Editor, In the Alternative, Illinois State Bar Association

North Central has provided me with so many ways to succeed both in and outside the classroom. I want others to be able to have the same great experiences I did. That's why I'm giving back.

Gianna Medina ’14

Major: Biochemistry

  • Chemistry Club
  • Tri-Beta Society
  • Pre-Health Organization
  • EDGE Tutor
  • First Year Mentor
  • Orientation Staff
  • Honor Society
  • Research 2012-2013
  • Rall Symposium 2013

Some of my favorite memories are from experiences such as summer research that were funded by past students giving back. if I have the same opportunity to provide such a great experience for someone else, I want to make sure they have the same chance I did.

Mike Prosia ’14

Major: Organizational Communication; Minor: Human Resource Management & Spanish

  • Co-Chair Class Gift Committee
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Student Governing Association
  • Third-Year Resident Assistant
  • Alumni Office
  • Admission Ambassador

I'm giving back because of the fantastic experience I have had at North Central. I have built relationships with wonderful people, and I would like future students to have that same opportunity as well.

Haleigh Rajnic ’14

Major: Marketing; Minor: Leadership & Human Resource Management

  • Residence Hall Association
  • Orientation Staff
  • Admission Student Ambassador
  • Student Government Association
  • Mu Kappa Tau (Marketing Honor Society)

I give back to support future generations of Cardinals. My donations are for the scholarship fund because without the scholarships I recieved I would not have been able to attend NCC. The smallest bit of help can change someone's mind from "I can't" to "I CAN!!" I want to help students to say "I can" to their college opportunity. My four years were full of friendship, adventure and self-discovery and theirs can be too! Anything is possible when you start with "I can!" and I can give, so they can come!

Christina Richardson ’14

Major: Finance; Minor: Ethics Concentration

  • Student Comptroller
  • Blue Key Honor Society
  • Student Accounting Society
  • Student Governing Association - Finance Committee
  • Orientation Staff - First Year Mentor
  • Accounting Tutor
  • College Scholars

I'm giving back because North Central College has provided me with so many opportunities. With personal connections to alumni faciliated by faculty, I was able to attain my dream job upon graduation. I know that without my North Central family, this connection would not be possible. I'm giving back to the school I love, specifically the scholarship fund, so that others can join the North Central Family and reap the benefits of this amazing community.


A.J. Thomas ’14

Major: Psychology; Minor: Coaching

  • Football Team
  • Orientation Staff
  • Student Governing Association
  • Student Athlete Executive Football Mentor Program
  • Co-event Coordinator Union

NCC has become my home and huge part of my family. It has opended doors for me that would have and could have never happened anywhere else. I came in an only child and left with thousands of brothers and sisters.

Kelsey Vandenberg ’14

Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Neuroscience

  • Pre-Health Organization President
  • Tri-Beta Secretary
  • Women's Chorale
  • Chamber Singers
  • First Year Mentor
  • Lab Assistant/Preceptor
  • FOCUS Worship Team
  • Green Dot "Early Adopter"
  • Undergrad Research 2012 & 2013
  • NCUR & Rall 2013
  • Student Representative on International Program Committee

NCC has become my home in the past three years. This school has given me so many opportunities and has opened so many doors for my future. I am so thankful for my time here, and I'm eager to give back, starting this year and continuing in the years to come.








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