North Central College - Naperville, IL

Writing, Editing and Publishing Curriculum

The Writing, Editing and Publishing program is focused on the craft of writing, the ways forms of writing are related to one another.  The program also builds crucial professional skills in editing and managing, helping individuals bring personal and professional projects to fruition.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies curriculum consists of 11 courses.  The program contains four coordinated components:  (1) a core of three courses, (2) a set of five emphasis courses, (3) two elective courses, and (4) a master’s project or thesis.

Core Courses
MLS 506
Ethics in Contexts
MLS 590
Public Discourse
MLD 683
Leadership for Social Change

Emphasis Courses
ENG 555
Professional and Grant Writing or MLS 648 The Social Consequences of New Media
MLS 540
Writing Life Stories
MLS 542
Writing Fictions
MLS 544
Writing Performances
MLS 640
Finding Markets
MLS 642
Finalizing Manuscripts

MLS 695 or 696
Project or Thesis

Elective Courses
Students are strongly urged to take courses from any of the emphasis courses in the other programs within the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.