North Central College - Naperville, IL

Writing, Editing and Publishing

The Writing, Editing and Publishing program is an innovative combination of creative, professional and public writing designed for people like you who are committed to publishing your work to a wider audience and writing and editing in today’s open writing environment. It moves beyond the confines of traditional master’s of fine arts (MFA) programs in creative writing or programs in professional writing by acknowledging that today’s writer and editor must be able to work in many genres, across many platforms and understand the relationships between various forms of writing rather than seeing forms as separate from one another.

The program is dedicated to producing precise, powerful and eloquent writing. It will help you balance your desire for self-expression and for mastering certain genres of writing with knowledge and skills that will help you see your writing in broader, more flexible, more transformative ways. While you can prepare for work as a grant writer, professional writer, social change author, online/Web writer, poet or fiction writer, or writer of life stories, this program will also help you understand how to produce your work in a wider range of formats. You’ll discover how to reach people more effectively and find a wider range of markets and audiences. It offers courses such as:

North Central College is the first to offer a graduate-level writing program in Chicago’s western suburbs. The Writing, Editing and Publishing curriculum is further enhanced by courses in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, which reinforce the College’s commitment to ethics, leadership, social change and the importance of writing for individual growth, for career and for community.