North Central College - Naperville, IL

Web and Internet Master's Project

The master's project is a capstone experience which occurs late in the academic program of the student and uses the knowledge and skills acquired during the course of study leading to the Master's degree. The distinctive experience of the master's project allows a student to study within a specialized area of interest and provides the opportunity to individually design a project. The project can be a system development project or a research project and it culminates in the production of a written project report and an oral presentation of the project findings.

A system development project consists of the design and implementation of a working system involving software, hardware, or both, whereas research projects are more theoretical. It is not required that a master's project make an original contribution to the field of computer science. 

The master's project is intended to be a distinctive experience for advanced students. It allows a student to do specialized study in an area of interest. The master's project features individual design and initiative on the student's part.