North Central College - Naperville, IL

Web and Internet Curriculum

Both project and nonproject options are available.  Students who elect the project option complete nine courses and a master's project for a total of 10 graduate-level courses.  Students who elect the nonproject option complete 11 graduate courses.

Core Courses
CSC 515
Web Programming
CSC 520
Operating Systems
CSC 560
Database Systems
CSC 569
Computer Networks
CSC 579
Computer and Network Security
CSC 615
SOA and Web Services
CSC 694 Capstone Seminar or CSC 695 Master's Project
An interdisciplinary support course


The remaining two courses under the project option or three courses under the non-project option are selected by the student in consultation with the MS-Web Program Coordinator and the Director of Graduate and Continuing Education.  In both cases, at least one of these electives must be at the 600 level.