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Transfer Resources

Encourage Transfers to Plan Ahead, Apply Now!
Your job is our job, helping transfers plan a smooth transition. So we can't say it enough: Transfer students MUST plan ahead and apply early! Transfer students who do plan ahead find out about admission, transfer scholarships, and financial aid sooner and have earlier opportunities for the best advising and registration.  Day and evening classes are available to both full-time and part-time students.

Guidance, Location & Calendar
Transfer students benefit from the strong combination of our metro location in Naperville & DuPage County, a staff of experienced transfer admission counselors and academic advisors, and our tri-term academic calendar. We feature our faculty at the beginning of each Transfer Visit Program so that transfers connect early with their academic department.  Our faculty are advisors and understand that Chicago and the metro area is a learning laboratory for our students. They not only look for off-campus opportunities but also bring experienced alumni, speakers, and lecturers into our classrooms.

Illinois Community College Course Substitution Guides
North Central annually reviews and compares our course catalog with those of many Illinois community colleges to publish Course Substitution Guides. These are useful guides to confirm whether the courses transfer, meet a core general education requirement, or are elective courses.

Academic Major Planning Sheets
The College has developed transfer planning sheets through our undergraduate catalog for each academic major.  Once you view the catalog, choose your specific major and then click on the paper icon in the upper right corner (Print Degree Planner).  There is also a core general education requirements planning sheet. These should be used in consultation with both our Course Substitution Guides and a member of the Transfer Admission staff.  Elementary Education and Supplemental Secondary Education major transfer planning sheets are also available and include general education courses specific to those majors.

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
North Central College is a participant in the IAI General Education Core Curriculum. Transferrable IAI courses from community colleges are clearly designated on our course substitution planning guides, which we offer for most community colleges in Illinois.

Transcripts & Documents (Electronic and Paper)
North Central requires official transcripts from all institutions in which transfers have been enrolled. This includes high school transcripts.  We confirm a student's prior enrollment through a national student database.  The College currently accepts electronic transcripts from the following services: Docufide, Scripsafe, XAP, and Credentials Solutions. We always accept sealed, official paper transcripts from all colleges, universities, high schools, and other institutions.

Transfer Staff & Community College Visits
Our transfer staff visits Illinois community colleges throughout the academic year. Our table visit schedules can be found on your transfer counselor's web page.  Although we do not visit other four-year college and university campuses, four-year transfers can always meet with us on campus at North Central for a transcript evaluation, campus tour, and academic department visit with a faculty member. Call us at 630-637-5800 and ask about a transfer student visit.

Individual Planning Appointments for Transfer Students
We encourage planning appointments for transfer students when they visit campus. Having a plan helps students learn how their transfer coursework applies to their North Central College degree and ultimately saves them time and money. We also want to connect them with faculty and staff who will impact their degree completion.

  • Our transfer admission staff may perform unofficial transcript evaluations during campus appointments or onsite at community college visits. After transfer students submit official transcripts for admission, the staff will review them for admission and scholarship decisions.
  • Official transcript evaluations are completed by the Office of the Registrar following an admission decision. Students are sent course equivalency and degree audit reports at that time.

Transfer Advising & Registration
Advising and registration is crucial to successful degree completion for transfer students. Our transfer students will initially meet with a transfer advisor for their first required advising appointment and then be connected with faculty members in their academic major department. Once a student has been admitted and submitted their tuition deposit, they are notified about the transfer advising process.

  • Transfer students may search for sections/courses in advance of advising & registration appointments. No login is required to search.
  • Transfer students are responsible for having all final transcripts sent to the Admission Office for evaluation; up-to-date transcripts are important for accurate advising and planning with transfer students.

Registrar's Office
Our Registrar's Office provides many resources for transfer students.

Academic and Student Support
Many college students require additional support as they complete their degree. Our Academic Support Services offers students the following benefits: tutoring assistance, a writing center, and disabilities support services.  Additonally, our Dyson Wellness Center focuses on the physical and emotional well-being of students, many times in support of academic success.  Our Career Development office offers early advice and planning about internships, part-time and full-time jobs, preparation for interviews and graduate school, and online resources for careers.

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