North Central College - Naperville, IL

Kristin Guido

Assistant Director of Admission
(630) 637-5833
Schaumburg, IL
B.A. in Psychology (North Central College 2010); Master of Leadership Studies, Higher Education concentration (North Central College 2013)

Favorite thing about North Central: From students to faculty, coaches to staff, there is a strong sense of community at North Central.  Also, I loved dancing at North Central: I was on the Dance Team all four years, and I co-founded Cardinal Dance Company.  Currently, I am the staff advisor for Cardinal Dance Company.

Words I use to describe North Central students: motivated, friendly, loyal, involved

Why did I choose to become an admission counselor at North Central? Being an undergraduate student and then graduate student at North Central College was very rewarding.  I enjoy showing prospective students how North Central can be the perfect fit. It is a privilege and a passion of mine to work with students during the transition to post-high school life, a very important and exciting time.

Favorite Naperville Restaurant: It is difficult to choose just one; there are so many options in downtown Naperville.  There's Front Street Cantina for their delectable chimichangas.  There's Heaven on Seven with many delicious dishes to choose from, and you can't go without your side of gumbo.  Rosebud's eggplant salad is amazing!  Also, you can end any mealtime with gelato or frozen yogurt.

Favorite Season in Naperville: Autumn at North Central is a beautiful, refreshing, and spirited time to be on campus… and hockey season. I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan!

Advice to Students: Visit all of the schools you are interested in and learn as much as you can about each!   If you determine that North Central is the best fit, we welcome you warmly to the North Central family.

Visit campus almost any weekday or Saturday morning to see what #NCCardinalLife is like!