North Central College - Naperville, IL

AshAnna McBride

Freshman Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5822
B.A. Psychology, North Central College

Favorite thing about North Central College:  All of the opportunities! North Central College has a  well-rounded amount of resources available for their students.  In my undergraduate years and as an employee I really enjoyed having convenient and supportive people in my life while I was in pursuit of my degree. It just shows how NCC ensures that all faculty, staff, and students are supported, focused, and successful while they are taking classes, performing on teams, working part time, or completing internships.                                                             

Words I use to describe North Central students:  Ambitious, Prepared, and Bright. The students at North Central are eager to learn and are very determined.

Why did I choose to become an admission counselor at North Central? North Central offered me the opportunity to fulfill several things I was looking for during my employment search. I was looking for a position that would allow me to be a resource for people, and I love that we get to travel!

Favorite Naperville Restaurant: My favorite Naperville restaurant is Jin 28 which is located in downtown Naperville. I love the sushi, crab rangoon, and the fried rice. Often times there are so many lunch specials! Especially on Thursdays during lunch ($5 sushi rolls).

Favorite Season in Naperville: The Fall season is my favorite, simply  because of the scenery and the ambiance it has throughout the campus. The many different oranges, reds, yellows, and browns from fallen leaves. I enjoy the cool weather and the kind of clothes I get to wear during the season. 

Advice to Students: Reach out to the college of your choice and talk with an Admissions Counselor! Do not be afraid to ask questions, because the college search is all about discovery and exploration, and my job is to help!