North Central College - Naperville, IL

Pre-Departure Checklist

Prior to your arrival, please check to be sure you have: 

  • Filled out and submitted your Roommate Questionnaire
  • Contacted your roommate online 
  • Purchased HTH medical insurance 
  • Sent your flight arrival information to your Admission Counselor

What should I pack?

It will likely be warm during the month of September (shorts and t-shirt weather), with temperatures cooling off toward the end of the month and during October.  It gets cold in November, so please pack plenty of warm clothing for the winter months that last through March.  You will need to bring or purchase a thick winter coat here. You will also need gloves, a hat, snow boots, and a scarf! The International Club sponsors an International Festival in February where students wear traditional clothing from their home country.  If possible, please bring clothing that represents your country or culture.

Linens that include a pillow, bed sheets, towel, and washcloth will be available for purchase for a small fee on the day you arrive.  You do not need to bring these items. During the week of orientation, we will provide transportation to area shopping centers so that you can purchase any groceries, personal items, room supplies, or any other things you will need for your stay.

International Market

Every year international students leave household items for us when they return home. Please stop by and take these items to use in your dorm! It’s all FREE! We have hangers, coats, kitchen items, bedding, cords, cables, and wires, school supplies, hair dryers, and desk lamps. Check out what's available before you go shopping!