North Central College - Naperville, IL

MIS Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 12 to 15 courses that build a bridge between technology and management.  The program consists of four components: (1) a set of foundation courses that may be fulfilled partially or completely with a student's previous undergraduate or graduate coursework; (2) a common core of eight courses at North Central College including a capstone experience; (3) a set of elective courses in management and computer science: and (4) a single ethics-oriented elective course taken from liberal studies.

Foundation Coursework
These courses can be taken at the undergraduate level where a grade of B- or better was earned.

Students required to take three of the following foundational courses (excluding CSC 501) may waive one elective course.  Students required to take four or more of the following foundational courses (excluding CSC 501) may waive up to two elective courses.  All waivers require the MSMIS graduate program coordinator approval.

Computer Science Foundation
CSC 501 Foundational Concepts in Computer Science I
CSC 502 Foundational Concepts in Computer Science II

Management Foundation
ACC 502
Managerial Accounting
BUS 541 Business Statistics
ECN 500
Principles of Economics
FIN 550 Financial Management

Core Courses (9 Courses)
CSC 553
Systems Analysis
CSC 560
Database Systems Management
CSC 536
Human Computer Interaction
MIS 510
Information Management
MGT 621
Organizational Behavior
BUS  567
Project Management
MGT 675
Strategic Management
Capstone Seminar
An interdisciplinary support course


Elective Courses (1-3 Courses)

Management Perspective and Analytical Business Courses:
ACC 692
Special Topics
BUS 546 Operations Research
BUS 641
Econometric Applications for Business
MGT 591
Quality Management
MGT 620
Operations Management
MGT 623
Human Resource Management
MGT 645
Organizational Leadership and Group Performance
MGT 682
International Management
MGT 683
Innovation and Organizational Change
MGT 692
Special Topics:  Business Dispute Resolution

Computer Science Courses
CSC 515
Web Applications
CSC 520 Operating Systems
CSC 564 Data Mining
CSC 569 Computer Networks
CSC 579
Computer and Network Security
CSC 615 SOA and  Web Services
CSC 662 Database Programming