North Central College - Naperville, IL


The curriculum consists of 10 to 16 courses that increase global knowledge and awareness, enhance skills to work abroad and provide challenging experiences. The program contains four coordinated components: (1) a set of foundational courses that may be fulfilled partially or completely with a student’s previous undergraduate or graduate coursework (2) a core of eight courses that include an international business project or international business internship (3) an international business study abroad trip and (4) one elective course.

Foundational Coursework
All North Central College students must satisfy the foundation coursework with a grade of B- or above. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate levels and may be taken at North Central College or another college or university. Foundational courses do not count toward the minimum 10-course degree requirement.

Foundation Courses
ACC 501 Financial Accounting
ACC 502 Managerial Accounting
BUS 541 Statistics
ECN 500 Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
FIN 550 Financial Management
MKT 570 Marketing Management

Core Courses (nine courses)
FIN 685 International Finance
IBA 535 Globalization and the Manager
IBA 675 International Business Strategy
IBA 690 International Entrepreneurship
MGT 682 International Management
MGT 690 International Business Short-Term Study Abroad
Prerequisite:  two terms of enrollment in the IBA program; suggested either IBA 535 or MLD 565
MKT 688 International Marketing
MLD 565 Global Leadership

IBA 694 International Business Project or IBA 697  International Business Internship


One of the Following Elective Courses
MLD 545 Ethical Challenges of Leadership
MLD 558 Conflict Resolution
MLS 506 Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Management
MLS 512 Religion, Ritual and Symbol
MLS 634 The “Third World”