North Central College - Naperville, IL

Meet MALS Faculty

Tim Morris

Timothy P. Morris
Professor of Philosophy

Timothy Morris first came to North Central College in 1978 as a visiting lecturer when he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago and has been at North Central College ever since. He holds a B.A. in philosophy and history from the University of Iowa and an A.M. and Ph.D.. in philosophy from the University of Chicago.

“The Ethics and Public Service program would be of particular interest to professionals in areas such as government, human resources, health care and teaching who are looking for a master's program that doesn't just focus on the quantitative side of policy, but rather looks at how policy is affected by certain ethical, political and/or theological values.”

Zackery Jack

Zachary M. Jack
Associate Professor of English

Codesigner of the MALS Writing, Editing and Publishing program, Zachary Michael Jack teaches Writing Life Stories, Writing Fictions and Writing Performances while helping students professionalize their imaginative work in courses such as Finding Markets and Finalizing Manuscripts. He is the award-winning author and editor of nearly 20 books across multiple genres including creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, playwriting, young adult literature and literary journalism. He holds a terminal degree in creative writing from the M.F.A. writers' workshop at the University of Alabama.

“Students in the Writing, Editing and Publishing program are those seeking the tools to introduce their writing to a wider world in ways that affect meaningful change. Change for some might mean a writing degree that earns them a promotion at work, while for others it might mean sharing a life story in the form of a memoir or publishing that long-suppressed novel too long in the drawer.

"The Writing, Editing and Publishing program offers dedicated instruction in aspects of professional growth that's often taken for granted, such as finding markets, selling and pitching work to editors and agents, editing for particular audiences, and learning how to translate the personally meaningful story in each of us into a variety of market-ready genres and forms.

"This program is for teachers, technical and professional writers, editors, aspiring novelists, working journalists and freelancers, bloggers, devoted memoirists—in short, anyone for whom writing is an integral part of his or her life stands to benefit from this one-of-a-kind program.”