North Central College - Naperville, IL

Levels and Courses

The English Language Institute provides classes for students from beginning to advanced level. In each level, students take 20 hours of instruction in the following topics: reading, writing, listening and speaking, and culture.


Beginning Level

Students will take courses in the following areas with the goals described below:

Course Goals
Listening/Speaking Identify main points of short lectures and conversations. Participate in conversations and give short presentations. Develop and improve pronunciation skills.
Reading Read, summarize, and outline short stories. Identify main ideas in academic texts. Develop academic vocabulary and effective reading strategies.
Writing Move from sentence to paragraph writing. Write short passages that tell a story, describe familiar topics in well-structured and developed paragraphs.
Culture Explore and understand topics of college life as an international student, such as group work, university resources, and culture shock. 

Intermediate Level 

Students will take courses in the following areas with the goals described below:

Course Goals
Listening/Speaking Identify main points and supporting details of lectures. Develop conversation skills in academic and social contexts. Give and evaluate academic presentations on a variety of topics.
Reading Understand main ideas and supporting details of academic readings. Develop and apply academic reading strategies.
Writing Develop paragraph and essay writing skills. Write passages that describe or summarize topics in a well-structured format.
Culture Understand and describe traditions, values, beliefs and assumptions of U.S. and college culture, exploring them through a variety of topics.


Advanced Level

Students at this level will take four courses with the following goals:

Course Goals
Listening/Speaking Understand a variety of conversational and academic communications. Respond in social and academic situations with appropriate, accurate and developed ideas. Give academic presentations on a variety of topics, individually and as a group.
Reading Understand a variety of academic texts. Identify main ideas and supporting points. Use academic vocabulary and apply effective academic reading strategies.
Writing Produce well-developed essays on a variety of topics, show control of sentence structure, paragraph development, linking ideas, and use appropriate vocabulary.
Culture Analyze U.S. culture and values through readings, films, interviews, and visits to cultural sites.

Summer Enrichment Courses

The ELI offers two 4-week summer terms (Summer I and Summer II) during which students may enroll in enrichment courses providing at least 20 hours of instruction per week. These courses provide opportunities to explore selected topics in a variety of ways. At least two courses will be offered each term, to be selected from the following alternatives:

  • TOEFL preparation course
  • Grammar workshop
  • Pronunciation workshop
  • Chicago cultural exploration
  • Community service and volunteerism
  • Topics in contemporary U.S. culture

Important Note: Students in F-1 status who start at ELI in Winter or Spring Term must enroll in both Summer I and Summer II terms to maintain their F-1 status.