North Central College - Naperville, IL

Housing and Student Life

English Language Institute (ELI) students enjoy a wonderful place to learn and study English. Our housing and student services are top-notch!

Housing and Meals

Students who live on campus are placed in residence halls with specially selected student roommates, ensuring they will be completely integrated into campus life. Our residence hall staff help ELI students learn about their residence hall and help them settle in easily. Students can eat at one of our cafeterias and choose a meal plan that fits their needs.

Student Services

Students have full access to all of the services and facilities available at North Central College. When students want to study, they can visit Osterle Library, use the campus Writing Center, and take advantage of ELI tutoring services.

When students have free time, they also have many ways to move around their local community. North Central College provides a FREE shuttle for students so they can get groceries, see movies, and visit the local shopping areas. Students also have access to other forms of on-campus and off-campus transportation. For example, students can rent bicycles to get around campus. Or, they can take the train to downtown Chicago for the day. There are many great opportunities to explore the local area. 

Students are also encouraged to join one of our 60 on-campus clubs or participate in other community activities. Joining a club not only helps students' English, but it also helps students prepare for college classes and their future careers. International Club is one of the most active clubs on campus, and it is a great opportunity for students to make new friends at North Central and from around the world. Our Friendship Family Program introduces students to families in the community and gives them the opportunity to learn about American family life.

We also want our students to stay healthy. So, we encourage everyone to use fitness and recreation facilities to keep them active and involved. If students do not feel well, they can visit the campus wellness center and receive care from our on-campus medical team.

For more details, please see our Campus Life at North Central and International Student Services pages.