North Central College - Naperville, IL

Home School Students

Welcome Home Schoolers!

North Central College provides a great environment for home school students.  The small classes, liberal arts curriculum and numerous academic programs offer you a personalized education.   Your academic program can be enhanced through our research, internship and study abroad opportunities.  For those of you interested in enhancing your current home school education, our Lederman Scholars Program allows you to take college courses for credit while completing your graduation requirements.  

To be considered for admission, please complete our application and submit a home school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores.  The home school transcript should have course names, grades, amount of credit, and academic year listed.  A grading scale and description of classes are appreciated.  On the transcript, please provide the name and the contact information of the person responsible for grading and compiling the transcript.

To make your transition into college easier, we recommend you take a college preparatory curriculum. This typically consists of:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of mathematics (including algebra and geometry, one course beyond geometry is preferred)
  • 3 years of science (including 2 years of lab sciences)
  • 3 years of social sciences
  • Multiple years of the same foreign language are strongly recommended. For more information about the foreign language graduation requirement for a bachelor of arts degree, please refer to the curriculum section.

All applications are reviewed on an individual basis.  Students are welcome to submit letters of recommendations and personal statements, but they are not required.   Please contact Heather Breed, Associate Director of Admission, at or 630-637-5823 with any questions regarding the home school application process.  She is the counselor assigned to all home school families.