North Central College - Naperville, IL

Graduate Endorsements

Teaching Endorsement Programs

We understand that teachers continue to pursue additional endorsements based on their school's needs and to help promote their professional development.  Our teaching endorsement programs are flexible and can lead to a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree.


Reading Teacher Endorsement* (Non-Degree Program)
EDN 507 Content Reading
EDN 551 Foundations of Literacy Instruction
EDN 552 Language Development and Learning for Diverse Learners
EDN 562 Reading Assessment Tools and Strategies
EDN 563 Diagnostic Reading Instruction
EDN 652 Child and Adolescent Literature for Instruction K-12
*Six credit hours of appropriate literacy coursework from undergraduate program

State Teacher Leadership Endorsement** (Non-Degree Program)
EDN 500 Leadership for the 21st Century
EDN 501 Assessment Strategies for the Classroom
EDN 503 Teacher as Leader I
EDN 534 Leadership for Supervision and Instruction
EDN 536 School, Home, and Community
EDN 600 Teaching Diverse Students
EDN 630 Schools as Learning Communities
EDN 697 Teacher as Leader II:  The Capstone Experience
**Teachers must have a master’s degree to have the endorsement applied to their license.