North Central College - Naperville, IL

Ethics and Public Service Curriculum

The Ethics and Public Service program combines ethics with knowledge about how to help the public understand the increasingly complex world of policy and choice concerning key issues of our time.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies curriculum consists of 11 courses.  The program contains four coordinated components:  (1) a core of three courses, (2) a set of five emphasis courses, (3) two elective courses, and (4) a master’s project or thesis.

Core Courses
MLS 506
Ethics in Contexts
MLS 590
Public Discourse
MLD 683
Leadership for Social Change

Emphasis Courses
MLS 560
Introduction to Public Policy and the Legal Process
MLS 562
The U.S. Health care System and Patient Advocacy
MLS 564
Ethics, Public Interest Groups, and the Political Process
MLS 566
Culture, Place, and Policy
MLS 660
Environmental Economics

MLS 695 or 696
Project or Thesis

Recommended Elective Courses
EDN 521
Schools and Their Institutional/Political Environment
ENG 555
Professional and Grant Writing
MLD 558
Conflict Resolution
MLS 512
Religion, Ritual, and Symbol
MLS 530
The City
MLS 534
Gender in Public Life and the Professions
MLS 540
Writing Life Stories
MLS 550
Ethics and Imagination
MLS 632
Race, Ethnicity, and the American Experience
MLS 648
The Social Consequences of New Media
MLS 680
Justice, Care, and Community
Any course from the “History of Science” sequence
Choose one
MLS 510 Changing Models of the Universe: Plato to Kepler
MLS 610
From Certainty to Chaos
MLS 612
Changing Concepts of the Earth and Life