North Central College - Naperville, IL

Ethics and Public Service

The Ethics and Public Service program at North Central College addresses issues of leadership at a time of deepening concerns about ethical lapses in many areas of public life. You’ll examine the ethics and challenges of serving the public interest and gain a greater ability to analyze the growing complexity of public policy, its consequences and its relationship to ethics.

This program will prepare you for:

  • Consulting in nonprofit organizations
  • Becoming an agent of change in your community through effective writing and speaking
  • Serving in leadership roles on boards

While addressing the needs of those already in leadership or in public service, or those who aspire to lead and serve, this program will also help you act as a public intellectual or advocate—an emerging need in areas such as health care, the environment, nonprofit management and the legal system. You’ll  learn to help organizations and the general public understand, analyze and take appropriate, ethical action through courses like:

The curriculum reflects a long-held commitment at North Central College to community service, principled leadership and social change. It examines policy through the lens of the humanities and leadership theory, which distinguishes it from a master’s in public administration (M.P.A.) or a master’s in public policy (M.P.P.).  The Ethics and Public Service program is perfect for people like you who desire to serve the public interest with a vocation that links you to the larger community.