North Central College - Naperville, IL

Academic Admission Terms

Core: Required courses that will provide you with a solid educational foundation, giving particular attention to developing skills in writing, oral communication, critical thinking, and reasoning. Your choice of core courses will allow you to prepare for a career or graduate study as well as for future changes in job requirements.

Faculty: Professors and other instructors at an educational institution.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System. This is a standard test of English ability accepted in place of the TOEFL.

International Student: An international student is anyone who is NOT a United States citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.

Liberal Arts: An interdisciplinary curriculum in which you choose a specific field of study (major) as well as meet general education requirements in a wide range of academic areas. This type of education prepares you with the critical thinking, writing and communication skills as well as the solid knowledge base you'll need to live and succeed in the global community.

Major: A specific field in which you concentrate your course of study. Students do not need to choose a major until their second (sophomore) year of undergraduate study.

Official Transcripts: Also known as mark sheets, these must include all grades received and must be original documents sent directly to North Central in a sealed envelope by the issuing institution. If only one original form is issued, these must be certified true copies. A certified true copy is a photocopy of the original official document to which a U.S. consular officer or the school official or Ministry of Education official issuing the document has affixed his/her signature and official seal indicating that it is an attested, true copy of the original document. The original document must then be presented to your admission counselor when you arrive in the U.S. Documents not in English must be accompanied by literal translations certified by a professor or professional translator. Materials submitted as a part of the application process cannot be returned.

Student Affairs: Campus offices and staff dedicated to providing student services such as Career Development, Wellness, Student Activities, and more.

TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standard test used to demonstrate English proficiency for purposes of admission.

Transfer: “School Transfer” is used by the USCIS to describe the process by which an international student leaves one U.S. institution (before or after completion of studies at that institution) to begin study at another U.S. institution. This involves the transfer of the student’s SEVIS record and is different from the academic transfer process involving admission, transfer of credits, etc.

Trimester Schedule: Three 10-week terms offer a fast pace for in-depth study. Terms run September – November (Fall), January – March (Winter), and March – June (Spring). December Term gives you six weeks between Fall Term and Winter Term to travel, study abroad, intern, work on-campus or take a course.