North Central College - Naperville, IL

Language Tutoring

Tutoring by appointment only. Please contact the tutors by e-mail. Remember to tell the tutor the problems you are having and times you are available to meet.

If you need help in:

JPN 100-level: Hartsough, Crystal
JPN 200-level: Runnion, Melissa
JPN Advanced levels: Imaishi, Yoko
FRN all levels: Knapczynski, Emilia
FRN all levels: Reid, Sarah
CHI 100-level: Andrade, Briseidy
CHI 200-level: Wang, Ruyi
GER 100-level: Kucko, Katherine
GER 200+ levels: Kancauski, Brittany
SPN all levels: Rodelo, Carina
SPN all levels: Gonzalez, Hernan  (available at EDGE)
SPN all levels: Puga, Maribel
SPN all levels: Miguel Purgimon Colell