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Online Registration

All continuing students enrolled at North Central College for Spring 2016 may register for the 2016-17 academic year. Registration must be preceded by an advising conference and the submission of an online advising evaluation form. Graduate students enrolled at NCC in Spring 2016 receive advising from the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education. All students register online using Merlin

Advising Conferences – Degree Seeking Undergraduates

Advising conferences begin April 11th. During the advising session you will make course selections for the 2016-17 academic year in consultation with your advisor. You should also review progress towards your degree, career goals, and life aspirations. You should also take care of the following, if appropriate:

  • Major/Minor Declaration Form due to the Registrar’s Office after your session.
  • Graduation Application is due in the Registrar's Office no later than the first term of the senior year. A late fee of $150 is imposed if the application is received after the third Monday of the term prior to the term of graduation. A late fee of $200 is imposed if received after the first day of the term of graduation.

Registration Approval and Restrictions

No student is able to register until two restrictions are removed. First, following your advising conference and before your priority registration timeslot, your advisor will remove the NOADV – No Advising Conference – restriction. Second, immediately following your advising conference you must submit an online advising evaluation via Merlin in order to remove the NOEVL - Advisor Evaluation - restriction. Other restrictions noted below may be in place for some students and must be resolved prior to registration.

Registration Priorities, Dates, and Email Notification

Priority registration runs April 25 - May 15. An email from the Registrar’s Office will inform you of the initial date and time you may register. You may register at any point after that. Students are assigned their date and time in two groups: graduate students first, followed by undergraduates. Within each group, students receive priority based on total credit hours completed.
Open registration begins May 16. The College strongly recommends that all continuing students register during priority registration to help ensure registration in courses needed to graduate on time.

Online Registration Procedures

1. View Restrictions — Prior to registration, students must have all restrictions resolved. From the main Student Menu in Merlin, under Academic Profile, select View Restrictions. Most restrictions prevent all schedule changes, including registering, dropping, and managing your waitlist. The most common restrictions are TU – Tuition Hold, IM – Immunization, NOADV – No Advising Conference; contact the Business Office, Health Office, or your advisor respectively. If you are unsure of a restriction’s meaning, contact the Registrar’s Office, Ext. 5252.

2. Select Sections — You may add sections to your Preferred Sections using Search and Register or Express Registration in advance of the date and time you are eligible to register. To place sections on your preferred list, select Register for Sections. There are two ways to select sections:

a) Search and register for sections
Under Search and Register, you must enter a term or a date range (e.g., starting on or after 09/12/16, ending on or before 06/07/17) and at least one Subject. You can further narrow your selection if you wish. Then click Submit.
From the results screen, place a check mark next to the sections you wish to take and then click Submit. The sections are added to your preferred sections list and you are taken to the Preferred Sections screen.

b) Express registration
If you know the exact subject, course number, section number, and term you wish to add, enter them here and click Submit. The sections are added to your preferred sections list and you are taken to the Preferred Sections screen.

3. Register for Sections — From the Preferred Sections/Current Registrations screen you may add or drop sections. This screen may also be accessed by selecting Register for Sections and then Register for Previously Selected Sections. To add, remove, or waitlist all preferred sections, click on the drop down box titled “Action for ALL Pref. Sections.” Alternatively, you may register or waitlist for preferred sections individually. You may also add and drop sections simultaneously from this screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VARIABLE CREDIT COURSES: Before you register for variable credit courses, be sure to change the amount of credit you wish to receive in the box labeled Credits. Note that this can only be changed for variable credit courses such as music ensembles and lessons; practica in English, speech, and theatre; ACCA seminars; dance; BIO/CHM 475; GLS 277; GLS 377; and LEV 250.

After selecting the sections you wish to take, click Submit.

  • If there are any errors, an error message displays at the top of the screen and you are returned to the Preferred Sections screen.
  • If your registration is successful, you will receive a receipt of your activities. It includes a description of all changes made, a list of all sections you are currently registered for, and a list of all sections you are waitlisted on (if applicable).

Manual Registration Procedures

Some registration processes require manual overrides.

All manual override forms can be downloaded or obtained in person at our office on the 3rd floor of Old Main. Students are strongly encouraged to take care of all manual registrations well in advance of the term.

Online Registration