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Fall Term


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Madison Krider, Sarah Pryzgoda, Xanic Lopez and Ciara Papa studied abroad at University of Sunderland for the fall 2015 semester.


Program Overview

The university is located in the heart of Sunderland, known as the City by the Sea, only three hours from London and 90 minutes from Edinburgh. Sunderland is a lively coastal city with a beautiful beach, historical sites and a modern city center.

The university has more than 13,000 students studying a wide variety of subjects across all academic faculties. The University of Sunderland has state-of-the-art equipment and excellent programs in art and design, media, literature, computing, business, criminology, sports science, the humanities and social sciences.

• The Students' Union, in conjunction with the University, runs a bus service providing free transport between Halls of Residence, University campuses and other key venues.

• Along with being a form of ID, students' campus cards can get them discounts in a number of shops, bars, restaurants and venues across Sunderland.

• CitySpace is a great place to to keep fit and active, workout, meet friends, socialise, or grab something to eat or drink. Gym memberships are available for a minimal cost per month.

• CONNECT is a social society to meet new people and participate in organized activities (e.g. cinema, bowling, barbecues, trips).

• Study Skills and Maths Support are available to assist students with planning and organising study, note-taking, planning and writing essays and reports, preparing presentations and examination techniques.


£500 scholarships through BUTEX, a U.K. higher education membership organization, are available for students in all NCC England programs.

University of Sunderland website



Eligibility Requirements

Junior or senior standing; GPA 3.0 preferred with substantial coursework in major



Students are required to complete GLS 277 in the spring term prior to studying abroad in the fall.

Students earn 9-15 credits depending on courses selected. Most modules ("courses") assess students through two or three pieces of work (e.g. paper, exam). All grades earned abroad affect your North Central College GPA when transferred back. Students cannot take courses pass/fail.

Please click here to access course details.


Books:  many books students need will be available from one of the libraries on campus. There is also a shop where students can buy second hand recycled books. Both of these options keep book costs lower than what students are used to in the U.S.


Note:  Students must have courses pre-approved by North Central College prior to taking them abroad. If students change their course schedules while abroad, they must get this change approved. Some departments only permit students to take a certain number of courses that count toward their major abroad. To ensure that all courses count towards their degrees, students must get their department's approval.


Housing & Meals

Most North Central College students live in Clanny House and have their own room. Students share a lounge and kitchen with other students. Located on Peacock Street, Clanny House is close to local shops and amenities. The nearest Metro station is less than a five minute walk away and there are regular bus services to the city centre. There are staff available 24/7 while living in the residence halls, including Residential Student Assistants (RSAs) who reside in each Hall and is there to support students.

Meals:  not included in program costs. Students prepare their own meals in a shared kitchen.


For more information on accommodation at the University of Sunderland, please click here.


Estimated Costs

Students in Direct Enrollment programs (i.e. University of Sunderland) pay North Central College tuition plus a $3,500 program fee. This fee includes placement, orientation and guidance fees, as well as standard self-catered housing. The College selects accommodations; if students choose to upgrade, they are responsible for paying any difference in cost. Unless otherwise noted, the fee does not include airfare, travel to and from airport, meals, visa fees, departure tax, books, national insurance, personal travel or spending money. North Central College financial aid does apply.



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