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Program Overview

Shanghai offers students an unparalleled opportunity to experience China in a city undergoing economic rebirth and revitalization -- the best place to witness the cultural transformation of modern China. Students can choose between two Alliance programs:  21st Century City (requiring no prior langauge study) or Intensive Chinese Language for students who have completed two years of Chinese langauge study. The 21st Century City students take 6 credits of Chinese language and 3 credits in contemporary Chinese Society and choose among elective courses in economics, architecture, urban planning or Sino-U.S. relations. Intensive Chinese Language students take 15 credits of Chinese language and may also enroll in an optional course in contemporary Chinese society. Students share an apartment with a Chinese roommate, allowing them to adapt more quickly to student culture, while engaging in language and cultural exhange. These programs offer a full slate of co-curricular activities.

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Eligibility Requirements

Junior or Senior standing; GPA 3.0 preferred

Intensive Chinese Language program:  One year of Chinese language study required


Academic Credit

15 credits earned abroad after successful completion of courses. All grades earned abroad affect your North Central College GPA when transferred back. You cannot take courses pass/fail.  


21st Century City Courses

Required:  Chinese Language (6 credits)

Required:  Chinese Society in the 21st Century (3 credits)

Two 3-credit electives of student's choice (6 credits)

Elective options:  economics, environmental studies, international affairs, political science, sociology, urban studies


Intensive Chinese Language Courses

Required:  Chinese Language (15 credits)

Optional:  Chinese Society in the 21st Century (3 credits)

Note:  Students must have courses pre-approved by North Central College prior to taking them abroad. If students change their course schedules while abroad, they must get this change approved. Some departments only permit students to take a certain number of courses that count toward their major abroad. To ensure that all courses count towards their degrees, students must get their department's approval.


Housing and Meals

Students are housed in the International Student Dorm in double rooms with a Chinese roommate. Meals are available at the campus cafeteria.


Estimated Costs

Students in Direct Enrollment programs (i.e. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) pay North Central College tuition plus a $3,500 program fee. This fee includes placement, orientation and guidance fees, as well as standard self-catered housing. The College selects accommodations; if students choose to upgrade, they are responsible for paying any difference in cost. Unless otherwise noted, the fee does not include airfare, travel to and from airport, meals, visa fees, departure tax, books, national insurance, personal travel or spending money. North Central College financial aid does apply.



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