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Speak with a Program Returnee

Speak with a Study Abroad Returnee!

Our Study Abroad Ambassadors are the official study abroad student voice on the North Central College campus. Representing a variety of majors and programs abroad, the Ambassadors are always available to answer general and specific questions about study abroad and their programs!

If you are interested in a program or have a major that is not represented within our ambassadors, please contact the Office of International Programs at (630) 637-5132. Or contact a study abroad advisor:  Kimberly Larsson ( or Whitney Pier (





Amanda August

Major:  Music

Minor:  History

Program:  NCC-in-England (Canterbury)

Email Amanda




Emily Bishop

Majors:  International Business, Marketing

Minor:  Chinese

Program:  Peking University, China and Richter in Japan

Email Emily



Maureen Conway

Major:  Psychology

Program:  University of Essex, England

Email Maureen




Kelsey Nebl

Major:  Broadcast Communication

Minor:  History of Ideas

Program:  University of Sunerland, England

Email Kelsey




Heidi Nelson

Majors:  Elementary Education & Spanish

Minor:  English Language Learning, Bilingual Education

Program:  NCC-in-Costa Rica and Centro Bartolomé de Las Casas, Peru

Email Heidi



Ben Redmond

Majors:  Biochemistry

Program:  United States International University, Kenya

Email Ben



McKenzie Richards

Majors:  English (writing)

Program:  University of Essex, England

Email McKenzie




Bethany Rosner

Major:  Psychology

Minor:  Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Program:  University of Essex, England

Email Bethany




Cassie Sperry

Major:  Management and Human Resource Management

Program:  University of Limerick, Ireland

Email Cassie





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