North Central College - Naperville, IL


Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, Spain

Exchange Program - Fall Term

Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), founded in 1997, is one of Spain's youngest and smallest public universities.  Located on a beautiful 345 acre campus less than 5 miles from the center of Seville, UPO has an active Center for Foreign Students and a Hispanic Studies Program, especially designed for both Spanish majors and other students who have a strong interest in Spain and Latin America.  Courses in a variety of areas are also taught in English.  A placement exam determines the Spanish language level for each entering student. 

Pablo de Olavide University Website

For useful information about both the UPO campus and the city of Seville, please go to the following website, and click on Seville, The University and useful links.

NCC Eligibility Requirements:

Junior or Senior standing.  GPA 3.0 preferred, two years of college Spanish

NCC Academic Credit:

NCC students receive an average of 12 NCC credits for classes taken at UPO.  Of course, it depends on the course load students choose.

All UPO courses and their descriptions and links to syllabi are listed on the UPO website at under the "Hispanic Studies Program" and "courses".

During the first few weeks of the fall semester at UPO there is a drop/add period for classes.  If your final schedule is different from the Pre-Study Abroad Credit Transfer Approval form, you MUST email the Office of International Programs with your final course list.

Housing and Meals:

All NCC students participating in the NCC/UPO exchange program stay with host families.  Students can choose to live with a host family in one of two areas, either closer to the university or closer to Seville city.  Host families provide students with their own furnished room and often their own bathroom, but a shared bathroom situation is not uncommon.  Some families will host more than one international student.

Meals:  Host families provide students with all meals except, of course, when they are traveling.  There is a large central cafeteria on-campus that serves a variety of foods for every taste and budget, as well as several smaller cafes around campus as well.  There is regular, convenient bus service from UPO campus/host families to downtown Seville where there are numerous restaurants and grocery stores.

The UPO "Housing Questionnaire" form is really quite brief.  If you would like to include additional information or details you feel are important re:  your host family placement, it is ENCOURAGED that you do so!  You can attach a separate sheet with including any additional information like:  location of your host family, proximity between homestay and Seville or other student's host family homes, preference for older children in the homestay, preference for a family with heightened interest in student/family interaction/conversation, etc.  This does NOT GUARANTEE any of your preferences but gives you an opportunity to highlight them in more detail. 

UPO/SPAIN Estimated Costs:

Participants pay tuition to NCC and room/board costs to UPO.
Financial aid is applicable to this program, however all study abroad students should meet with a financial aid representative during the spring term to determine any changes/adjustments in their financial aid package.

Estimated Expenses (per semester):
-   Room/Accommodation and Food/Board:  2,250 Euros
-   Food (off-campus):  last year's students estimated $1500/semester
    breakfast - $10, lunch - $12, dinner - $15-$20
-   Textbooks:  20-50 Euros per class (last year's students estimated $200 total for textbooks/course materials for the semester)
-   Local Transportation:  Bonobus is good for 10 rides on the local bus:  5 euros (without transfer) and 6 euros with transfer (last year's students estimated $200 for the semester)
-   To/From Airport:  20/25 Euro using bus or 40 Euro in a taxi
-   Bus from Seville to Madrid:  anywhere between 30 Euro and 120 Euro (depending on type of bus service, day/time, and type of ticket)

Personal Expenses:
This really depends on the student.  Students need to consider all personal spending money including travel!  Students who participated in this program last year estimated between $5000-$6000, including some travel.

Roundtrip airfare estimate:  $1500