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Costa Rica Ziplining 2012

Costa Rica, 2012

Photo submitted by Heidi Nelson


Choosing a Program

North Central College provides many opportunities for students to study abroad through its own programs or through carefully selected programs offered by other U.S. institutions. Students may choose to study for one term, two terms, or a full year; summer programs are also available. Some programs may include internship possibilties. Every effort is made to ensure that students do not incur significant additional expenses; in most cases, NCC financial aid can be applied and a limited number of scholarships are available, including one made possible through funding from the Wallace N. Rasmussen Foundation. In all North Central-approved programs, complete transfer of credit is guaranteed. All program fees listed on this website are estimated and subject to change.


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Types of Programs Offered

Fall Group Programs
We offer three group programs each fall. You can study in China and Japan, Costa Rica, or England. In the case of China/Japan and Costa Rica, a North Central professor accompanies the group and teaches one or two courses in the program. Home stays, internships, and intensive language and culture classes are the main features of these programs — all of which provide you with a chance to study outside the United States with a group of North Central students.

Exchange Programs
We provide exchange programs in Australia,  England, France, Greece, Japan, Kenya, Northern Ireland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and Turkey. In these cases, you pay tuition to North Central and all other expenses to the host institution.

Direct Enrollment
This type of program allows you to enter a department at a foreign university just like any other students at that school. These opportunities are available in Australia, China, England, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Scotland, Singapore, and Spain.

International Travel Seminars
We usually sponsor an International Travel Seminar (during D-term), which gives you the chance to engage in independent study in two or three cultures on a single three-week study tour under faculty guidance. Recent seminars have gone to Cambodia/Thailand/Vietnam, China/Japan, Costa Rica/Cuba/Nicaragua, Italy/Greece, Spain/Morocco, and Tunisia/Turkey.

ANACSA Consortium Programs
NCC students are eligible to apply for admission to programs offered by other schools in the ANAC (Associated New American Colleges) consortium in the following locations: Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Senegal. Students pay tuition, room, and board to North Central, and depending on the program, there may be an additional program fee. Details available in the Office of International Programs.

SIROL (Students in Residence on Leave)
SIROL status allows students to participate in programs all over the world that are sponsored by other U.S. accredited institutions and remain officially enrolled at North Central College. Plans must be approved by the NCC Study Abroad Advisor before registering and receiving credit. To investigate possible programs, students use the materials available in the Office of International Programs and research their program of choice. Though some federal financial aid may be used for these opportunities, NCC institutional aid/scholarships and state grants may not be available. To research overseas programs, confer with the study abroad advisor and visit these sites:


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