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NAC&U Consortium Programs

North Central College students are eligible to apply for admission to programs offered by other schools in The New American Colleges and Universities Study Abroad Programs consortium (NAC&U) in the following locations:  Denmark and Norway (fall term), and Senegal (full year only). For most programs, students pay tuition, room and board to North Central College. Details are available in the Office of International Programs.


Educators Abroad Student Teaching (EAST)

EAST offers eligible students the opportunity to intern in schools in one of more than 60 countries. This program is open to students who have been admitted to the North Central College Teacher Education Program and are looking to add additional in-classroom teaching experience to their resume. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required in the major and in professional education courses, although a 3.25 GPA is preferred in the latter. Previous study abroad experience is highly recommended and in some instances required. EAST participants are required to find their own host country accommodation. Housing and meals are not included in program fees. Please note:  this program does not fulfill the state required student teaching practicum.


Student-In-Residence-on-Leave (S.I.R.O.L.)

Study abroad programs offered by other U.S. institutions

SIROL status allows students to remain officially enrolled at North Central College while participating in non-North Central College programs abroad. Plans must be approved by both the Registrar and a North Central College study abroad advisor before registering and receiving credit. To investigate possible programs, students pursue research on the Internet and use materials available in the Office of International Programs. Though some federal financial aid may be used for these opportunities, North Central College institutional aid/scholarships and state grants will not be.

The following is basic information for SIROL programs:

     •  Students must make arrangements for SIROL study through U.S. Schools.  No direct agreement with foreign schools can be considered.

     •  SIROL students may be eligible for Federal Pell Grants, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Grants, Federal Stafford Student Loans, or Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students.

     •  SIROL students are ineligible for North Central Grants and/or Scholarships while in attendance at a different institution.  Students who receive the Presidential Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, or Merit Scholarships will receive a portion of their unused scholarship in succeeding terms.

     •  SIROL students who do not receive financial assistance must make arrangements to pay applicable charges directly to their institution.

     •  If students receive financial assistance through North Central College (including Federal Stafford Student Loans), North Central College will pay those funds directly to the sponsoring institution.  Any outstanding balance not covered by financial aid is to be paid by the student directly to the other institution.


First steps in proposing a S.I.R.O.L. program in which to participate:

  1. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the end of February.
  2. Complete the attached form regarding information on your study abroad costs and when you leave and return to North Central College.   SIROL Financial Aid Form


The following websites may also help to research overseas programs for S.I.R.O.L.                



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