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Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia

Direct Enrollment Program

Macquarie University is located just 12 miles northwest of the central business district of Sydney, Australia. With a population of four million, this cosmopolitan and multicultural city is Australia's largest city, famous for its magnificent harbor. The university is set in a large, beautiful natural setting, served regularly by city buses and located near major shopping areas. Students can take courses in a variety of areas including science, social science, humanities, business, computing, and environmental studies. Internships and pre-semester programs in Fiji also available.
Note: This program is limited to five participants each fall.

Kate Schaefer in front of the Sydney Opera House in Fall 10

Macquarie University website

Internships at Macquarie University

Macquarie University Application Material

Please print out all of the Macquarie application documents and bring them to your second NCC orientation.
Study Abroad Application Form

Macquarie University Academic Calendar 2012

  • Airport pick-up is provided and the form can be completed on-line once you have been officially accepted by MU and received your housing confirmation.
  • Airport pick-up confirmation and instructions will be given a couple of weeks prior to your flight.

The Office of International Programs DOES NOT advise students to purchase flight tickets until they have received an OFFICIAL acceptance letter from the host institution.

Pre-Orientation Camps Offered at MU

Surf Camp Mojo Surf Orientation Itinerary

Blue Mountains Camp

NCC Academic Credit

NCC students usually receive between 10-15 NCC credits for classes they take at Macquarie University. LETTER GRADES ARE ASSIGNED USING THE FOLLOWING MU GRADING AND CREDIT POINT SYSTEM ATTACHED HERE. Grades/credits earned will be transferred to the equivalent approved NCC course upon return. PASS/FAIL GRADES ARE NOT GIVEN.

Attached is an updated list of courses/subjects that do not require pre-approval. Courses without Preclusions These subjects fall in both semesters so you MUST check the MU HANDBOOK to ensure the course/subject you want is offered in SEM2 (semester 2).

The easiest way to navigate the MU handbook in regards to specific subjects is, then choose faculties and divisions/departments, click on your department of interest, then undergraduate, and then unit outlines/descriptions. Sometimes you have to check out the menu on the side as there is copyrighted login info and other details.

The direct MU handbook link is You will need to check this link in order to determine if the subjects are offered in first or second semester and whether or not you meet the course prerequisites.

Make sure you meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you plan to take while at the Macquarie University. There is a drop/add period at the beginning of the semester to adjust your course schedules. If you final schedule is different from the NCC Pre-Study Abroad Credit Transfer Approval form, then you MUST email Kimberly at with your final course list.

Housing and Meals

All NCC students stay in on-campus MU residences, usually Parklands. Macquarie Parklands is situated adjacent to the campus, and provides fully furnished apartments, each accommodating up to four students (two single bedrooms and one twin bedroom). A Residential Director oversees Macquarie Parklands throughout each semester. The Complex is situated within walking distance of the Macquarie Centre Shopping Mall, and has easy access to transportation. For photos and additional information, please visit:

Meals: Students have a kitchen in the Parklands apartment that they share with their other "flat mates". There are a variety of places nearby to shop for groceries and a frequent bus/train service to downtown Sydney. There are also a wide variety of places to eat on campus, 15 in total, which cater to all tastes and budgets. Check out the following website for more on-campus facilities information:

Macquarie University Estimated Costs

Participants pay tuition and a $3000 program fee to NCC.
Financial aid is applicable to this program, however, all study abroad students should meet with a financial aid representative during the spring term to determine any changes/adjustments in their financial aid package.


Estimated Living Expenses

Please visit the following websit for standard living costs as an international student at MU.

All NCC students participating in this program MUST get the Compulsory OHSC insurance (healthcare) - it is required by the Australian government for all visiting students OHSC Payment Information Also, don't forget, you must purchase an Australian visa for entry into the country (instructions will be on your office MU acceptance letter).

  • Australian visa: $430
  • OHSC: $185/semester
  • Food/board: $40-$70 (supermarket across the street); breakfast - $8, lunch - $10, dinner - $12 (approximately $600/term for food)
  • Textbooks: $100/per subject
  • Local transportation and personal expenses - see link above
  • Pre-Orientation prior to semester: $250-$300 (highly recommended by previous students)

Remember that your cost of living in Sydney will vary according to your lifestyle. For example, eating out at restaurants all the time will increase your living costs a lot, as will travel. However, there are many ways to save money in Sydney, and still be able to make the most of your time living there.

Personal Expenses

This really depends on the student. Students need to consider all personal spending money including travel! Students who participated on this program last year estimate approximately $5000, including some travel.

Airfare estimate: $1500 roundtrip