North Central College - Naperville, IL


Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators (EIIA)
Insurance Policy Number:  WR10003936
For assistance, call collect inside the U.S. at (713) 260-5508 or
outside the U.S. at (01-713) 260-5508.

Plan Coverages
Plan Limits

  • All NCC students/faculty/staff have this policy for institutional travel.
  • It is an excess or secondary policy; you should have primary health care coverage for your overseas study and travel.
  • The policy only covers institutional travel related to study abroad, not any side trips or recreational travel.
  • The policy DOES NOT cover pre-existing conditions, unless you have been symptom free for over 3 years.
  • The plan includes two portions, 1) the Medical Plan/Study Abroad Coverage and 2) AIG Emergency Travel Assistance Services
  • The Medical Plan/Study Abroad Coverage includes Accidental Death and Disability, Repatriation of Remains, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Emergency Family Travel and Travel Assistance


  • BEFORE YOU GO, you or your parents can call the EIIA number listed above and ask for the best/closest hospitals, English-speaking doctor services, and specialists' facilities in the county/city/town where you will be living/studying.
  • If you are sick or injured, please call the EIIA phone number and give them your name and policy number and tell the operator that you are a North Central College student.  You must also be prepared to provide the information outlined on the insurance card.  This will begin the claim.
  • For emergency medical services, you are responsible for the $250 deductible.  If you do not have $250 at the time of injury/sickness then EIIA can send a letter of guarantee.
  • AIG will monitor the case and once all has been settled with EIIA/AIG and between your primary insurance carrier, the claim will be closed.
  • Make sure to save all receipts and/or medical bills/payments made overseas for your records and any claim information.\

AIG Assist
24-Hour Emergency Travel Assistance Services

Emergency travel assistance services by AIG Assist are included with WorldRisk TAS coverage.  These services are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year through a toll-free or collect number to the AIG International Services (AIG IS) Worldwide Call Center.  Please check here for an overview of the available services and how AIG Assist can help you.


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