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Getting Started

Keep Calm - Lets Get Started

Deciding to study abroad is a big decision and there is much to consider when deciding which program is the best fit for you, personally, professionally, and academically. Please use these 'Getting Started' steps to guide you and your thinking when exploring our programs. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to study abroad!


1.  Attend the Study Abroad Fair in October and any follow-up meetings to learn about our 50+ programs, costs, prerequisites, application procedures, and appropriate preparations. The information provided throughout this website should assist you with deadlines, program details, and application procedures.


2.  Discuss your plans to study abroad with your academic advisor. When meeting with your academic advisor or faculty mentor in your major, develop an academic plan that organizes all classes and credits you need to graduate on time. Make sure you consider your general education requirements, major, minor, department, and scholarship (performing arts) requirements. Organizing your academic plan before your meeting with a study abroad advisor, will help the study abroad advisor help you determine programs that are ideal for your academic situation.


3.  Identify your needs and interests. Studying abroad should support your academics and NCC degree, but it should also enrich your professional life and future career, as well as, your personal goals. Here are some questions to get you thinking:

Academic Goals

a.  Do I want to take classes for my major(s), minor(s), or elective, or gen. ed. credit?

b.  Do I want to begin studying a language or enhance existing skills?

c.  Do I want to do a Richter abroad?

Cultural Goals

a.  Do I want to study in a specific region?

b.  Do I want to study in a city similar to NCC and Naperville, or someplace different?

Professional Goals

a.  Do I want to complete an internship to enrich my major degree?

b.  Do I want to volunteer or complete a service learning project?

Personal Goals

a.  Will this program and location push me out of my comfort zone?

b.  Have I visited or studied in this region of the world before?

c.  Do I have close family in this area? Will I rely on them too much when what I really want is to increase my independence.

4.  Research our programs and the host institutions' cities and countries before meeting with a study abroad advisor.


5.  Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to discuss your study abroad program options. To make an advising appointment, please contact the Office of International Programs at (630) 637-5132 or stop by Abe House (next to the College Bookstore).


6.  Apply for your study abroad program by January 31st! To learn how to apply and complete and application, please visit 'Applying & Acceptance' on the left-hand navigation bar.




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