North Central College - Naperville, IL

Fudan University

Shanghai, China

Shanghai offers students an unparalleled opportunity to experience China in a city undergoing economic rebirth and revitalization - the best place to witness the cultural transformation of modern China. Students in this program can choose the Contemporary Chinese Society and Language Track 1 (requiring no prior language study) or the Intensive Chinese Language Track 2 for students who have completed one year of Chinese language study. In each track, students take a course in contemporary Chinese society and culture; students in the first track can also elect to take an additional course in politics, economic development or Sino-U.S. relations. Students share an apartment with a Chinese roommate, allowing them to adapt more quickly to student culture, while engaging in language and cultural exchange.

Fudan University web site

Fudan University Intensive Chinese Language Program Information (Track 2)

Fudan University Contemporary Chinese Society and Language (Track 1)

Eligibility Requirements

Junior or Senior standing; GPA 3.0 preferred. One year of Chinese language study required for Track 2.

Academic Credit

15 credits (Track 1) or 18 credits (Track 2).

Housing and Meals

Students are housed in a new apartment building adjacent to campus and may cook their own meals or eat at a campus cafeteria.

Estimated Costs

Students pay tuition plus $3000 program fee.