North Central College - Naperville, IL

Friendship Family Photos 2012-2013

Sen family and Turkish students Gizem and Sena

Ben-David family and their Japanese student Yudai

Pfeiffer family and their French student Rose-Helene Moquet

Jeni Bohan and her two students Honami (Japan) and Aye Myat Myat (Myanmar)

Dunker-Hoffman family and their two Spanish students Maria Teresa and Marta

Dawn Habada and her three Japanese students Akane, Hazuki and Yu

Annie Liu and her students Weinan (China), Xiao (China), JiaJia (China) and Nang Aye Aye (Myanmar)

Carolyn Finzer and her student Marie Claire Caldwell (Ireland)

Would you like to see more photos of your family and students? Send your pics and stories to Jesús Velasco, International Student Advisor.