North Central College - Naperville, IL

Emergency Response Instructions

Emergency Procedures

The following is also outlined on the orange/yellow laminated card given to you at your study abroad orientation. Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of International Programs at (630) 637-5132.

1.  For medical emergencies, contact the equivalent of 911 in your host country


2.  If you have a medical emergency or need travel assistance, contact EIIA insurance:

    - Telephone collect worldwide:  +1 410 453 6330

    - Call toll-free insude the U.S. or Canada:  1 800 527 0218

    - Email:

Note:  Make sure you say you are a North Central College student. Your FrontierMEDEX ID number is:  352191. The Client Name is:  EIIA.


3.  Contact the international office at your host institution or follow the emergency procedures provided to you by the host institution; contac the NCC professor if there is one on your program with you


4.  Contact the North Central College Office of International Programs (8am-5pm Central Standard Time) in this order:

    - (630) 637-5132  (Bessma Shammas, Office Coordinator)

    - (630) 637-5289  (Kimberly Larsson, Director of Study Abroad)

    - (630) 637-5287  (Jack Shindler, Director of International Programs)

    - (630) 637-5151  (Dean of Students)


5.  If is is a night or weekend, contact NCC in this order:

    - Jack Shindler:  refer to emergency response card for home and cell numbers

    - Kimberly Larsson:  refer to emergency response card for home and cell numbers

    - Campus Safety:  (630) 637-5911