North Central College - Naperville, IL

Emergency Response Instructions

Emergency Procedures

The following is also outlined on the orange/yellow laminated card given to you at your study abroad orientation. Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of International Programs at (630) 637-5132.

1.  For medical emergencies, contact the equivalent of 911 in your host country


2.  If you have a medical emergency or need travel assistance, contact Europ Assistance:

    - Telephone collect worldwide:  +1 240 330 1551

    - Call toll-free insude the U.S. or Canada:  1 855 901 6712

    - Email:

Note:  Make sure you say you are traveling with North Central College.


3.  Contact the international office at your host institution or follow the emergency procedures provided to you by the host institution; contact the NCC professor if there is one on your program with you


4.  Contact the North Central College Office of International Programs (8am-5pm Central Standard Time) in this order:

    - (630) 637-5132  (Rebecca Pugh, Office Coordinator)

    - (630) 637-5289  (Kimberly Larsson, Director of Study Abroad)

    - (630) 637-5899  (Whitney Ewing, Study Abroad Advisor)

    - (630) 637-5287  (Jack Shindler, Director of International Programs)

    - (630) 637-5151  (Dean of Students)


5.  If is is a night or weekend, contact NCC in this order:

    - Jack Shindler:  refer to emergency response card for home and cell numbers

    - Kimberly Larsson:  refer to emergency response card for home and cell numbers

    - Whitney Ewingrefer to emergency response card for cell number

    - Campus Safety:  (630) 637-5911