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Direct Enrollment Program - Fall Term or Winter/Spring Terms

With over 12,000 undergraduates, the University of Dundee is located in Dundee, Scotland's fourth largest city, overlooking the River Tay on Scotland's east coast - with easy access to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Classes in humanities, social science, accounting, life sciences, engineering, physical sciences, geography, English, political science, business,psychology, and fine arts are all offered.
NOTE: This program is limited to four participants each fall.

University of Dundee website

For Dundee campus and city details, click here.

To view the University of Dundee campus guide, click here.

For more information about Dundee and area tourist destinations, click here.

Photo taken by Christine Ross.

NCC Eligibility Requirements:

Junior or Senior standing. GPA 3.0 preferred, with substantial course work in major.

NCC Academic Credit:

NCC students usually receive between 10-15 NCC credits for classes they take at the University of Dundee. Of course, it depends on the course load students choose.

Make sure you meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you plan to take while at the University of Dundee. There is a drop/add period at the beginning of their autumn semester to adjust your course schedules. If your final schedule is different from the NCC Pre-Study Abroad Credit Transfer Approval form, you MUST email the Office of International Programs with your final course list.

Housing and Meals:

All NCC students stay in on-campus residences, usually in Belmont Towers, Heathfield, or Seabraes. Accommodation is located centrally on the main campus and most are only a 10 minute walk from the city center. Bedrooms are single-study rooms, most with their own en-suite shower and toilet, as well as a bed with mattress, desk, chair, closet, bookshelf, and personal security safe. Bedrooms are fitted with a computer point, which can be connected to the University computer network. There is a shared kitchen/dining area in each apartment, on each floor. For more information about Belmont Towers, Heathfield, and Seabraes, click here.

NCC students will receive an official acceptance letter from the University of Dundee and enclosed will be an accommodation application form. It is recommended that students put these residences down as their first choice.

Meals: Students have a communal kitchen in their apartment that they share with their other "flat mates". There are a variety of places nearby to shop for groceries and it is only a 10 minute walk to Dundee city center. There are also a wide variety of places to eat on campus, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Estimated Costs:

Students pay tuition and a $3000 program fee to NCC.
Financial aid is applicable to this program, however, all study abroad students should meet with a financial aid representative during the spring term to determine any changes/adjustments in their financial aid package.

Living Expenses:
The cost of living is estimated to be around 15% cheaper in Dundee than the UK average. The University came third in the UK-wide Royal Bank of Scotland Student Living Index, which ranks Universities based on the cost of living. Dundee has a higher percentage of students in its population than any other Scottish city.


PLEASE NOTE: There is a St. Andrew's scholarship available for Chicago area students wanting to study in Scotland. If an accepted NCC student is interested in applying for this scholarship opportunity, he/she should contact David Farlow at

Approximate Costs:
- Food/Board/Household goods: £120/month
- returning students estimated $1000-$1500/semester
- meals out: breakfast - $5-$10; lunch - $10-$15; dinner - $12-$15
- Textbooks: £150/semester
- Local transportation and social costs: £50/semester
- most students can get around Dundee conveniently on foot
- Train to Edinburgh: $40 (£20-24)
- Laundry: £4/wash and £2/dry
- Personal expenses: £180/semester

Personal Expenses:
This really depends on the student; students need to consider all personal spending money including travel! Students who participated in this program last year estimated approximately $3000-$4000, including minimal travel.

Airfare estimate: $800-$1000 roundtrip

University of Dundee

Christine Ross in Scotland
Christine Ross in Scotland Fall 09.