North Central College - Naperville, IL

D-Term Study Abroad

Fall 2012 D-Term

The College in now offering study abroad courses during December Term each year. Some of these courses fulfill the All-College Requirement for intercultural study (ACR).


Information Sessions

The  information sessions  for short study abroad courses during D-term 2013 will be on February 20, 2014 in Goldsphon classrooms; 12:15-1:45 p.m.  Course details, application process, cost and deadlines will be discussed at these sessions. Students can attend more than one session. A complete description of the courses will be available at the sessions and later from each professor leading the course and/or the Office of International Porgrams. Here is the the location of the infomation sessions for each course.


D-Term Study Abroad Scholarship

 The Jacquelyn Lewis Wentz International Fund will award 12 NCC students $1000 each. This scholarship is open to all NCC students enrolled in a D-term study abroad course as sophmores, juniors or seniors. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need and a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA. The application deadline was February 28, 2014. Applicants will be notified of decsion via e-mail by March 19, 2014.


Enrollment/Registration Process

  • Meet  with faculty member leading the course
  • Get an Instructor Consent Form (green slip) filled out and signed by faculty member
  • Consult with academic advisor
  • Bring the form to the Office of International Programs in the Abe House: 48 E. Jefferson
  • Pay the non-refundable airfare deposit ($400) by April 4th via check or credit card. Bring payment to the Office of International Programs. Once airfare is paid, you will be registered.
  • After April 4th, if the course is full,  students will be placed on a waiting list. Students with the highest # of credits earned will be given first priority.
  • Pay airfare balance by September 12th
  • Pay the non-refundable program fee deposit ($500) by October 17th which will not be reflected on the student's account until January
  • Program fee will be billed  to winter tuition bill


Click here for a printable version of the information session flyer.


  • Australia (GLS 360-D1, 3.0 credits)

           Ecotourism and Sport in Australia  (Profs. M. Klosterman & J. Bjorklund

  • Finland (GLS 260-D1, 3.0 credits)

          Exploring Independence in Finland: Sport, Nature, Design and Education  (Profs. J. Kapanen & N. Keiser) 

  •  France (GLS 160-D1, 3.0 credits, HUM Gen. Ed.)

          A Journey through the History of France  (Prof. N. Bard) 

  •  Germany (GLS 362-D1, 3.0 credits, ACR-Intercultural) FULL- Wait list

            Germany from Luther to the Present: Castles, Cathedrals and Culture  (Prof. G. Wolf)

  •  Ghana (GLS 260-D2, 3.0 credits)

            Journaling in Ghana: Writing the Travel Narrative  (Prof. M. Kirkpatrick & K. Sluis)

  •   Italy (GLS 362-D2, 3.0 credits, ACR-Intercultural)

        Arts and Architecture of Italy: Pagan, Christian, Fascist  (Profs. M. de Brauw & W. Koenig)

  •   Italy & Greece- Business (GLS 362-D3, 3.0 credits, ACR-Intercultural)
    FULL- Wait list

          Italy & Greece and the European Union   (Prof. R. Moussetis)

  •  Italy & Greece- Psychology (GLS 260-D3, 3.0 credits)

          The Psychology of Spirituality in Italy and Greece: Then and Now   (Prof. P. Schacht)

  •  Japan (GLS 260-D4, 3.0 credits)

           Super Express: Japanese History, Culture, and Religion by Bullet Train   (Profs. L. Franks & B. Hoffert)

  •    London- IMS (GLS 360-D2, 3.0 credits)

            London as a Looking Glas(Prof. S. Renk)

  •     London- Psychology (GLS 260-D5, 3.0 credits)

           London: Portraits of Health   (Prof. K. Kelley

  •    Morocco (GLS 260-D6, 3.0 credits, HUM Gen. Ed.)

            Moroccan Culture: Transformation and Tradition   (Profs. S. Hand & M. Berkland)

  •    Spain (GLS 160-D2, 3.0 credits)

            Spain: Discovering Historical and Cultural Treasures   (Prof. J. Sanchez)

  •  Uruguay & Argentina (GLS 260-D7, 3.0 credits)

           Uruguay and Argentina: Fables from the South   (Prof. A. Fonseca) 

France Interim Course 2006

During Interim Term 2006, Prof. Norval Bard, French, and Prof. Sally Fowler, Philosophy, led a group of 20 from North Central College on a French adventure. The group met twice during Fall Term 2006 to get a head start on the course readings and materials as well as to receive background on international travel topics such as packing, electrical adaptors, GSM cell phones, basic French phrases and other helpful information. This blog is the report of our two week Interim 2006 adventure: